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Apparently I’m the all time top selling self published author at The Spaniel’s Tale bookstore in Ottawa!

A Happy Surprise

I was going through my emails when I opened The Spaniel’s Tale weekly newsletter. If you don’t subscribe to it, I highly recommend you do! I always love going through their list of new releases and seeing what’s new in the literary world of Ottawa. Amongst the information on CBC’s All In A Day book club and New Releases, I scrolled down to the Best Sellers list.

The first on the list? Atomic Habits by James Clear. Great book. There’s a copy of it on our bookshelf at home. And what was listed next? Eileen’s Promise! I was gobsmacked, my little book on the same list with James Clear.

Here’s what the wonderful people at The Spaniel’s Tale had to say about it:

“Eileen’s Promise is our all time top selling book by a self-published author and has seen a spike in sales this month.”

Eileen's Promise information from the Spaniel's Tale Newsletter stating that Matthew Villeneuve is the Top Selling Self Published Author at the store.

Honestly, I’m so happy about this, and it’s all thanks to you out there, the readers, that take chances reading a self published authors and shop at the local bookstores, keeping all of our dreams going. Please keep visiting these stores and taking those chances! You’d surprised at the variety and quality you can find out there if you keep an open mind.

Where To Get Your Copy?

If you haven’t had a chance to get your copy of Eileen’s Promise and you’re in Ottawa, visit The Spaniel’s Tale in Hintonburg or order your copy from their site. If you’re not in Ottawa and want a copy, please visit my website to order, and join my mailing list where you’ll find a free short story and get updates on what I’m working on as well at blog posts my experiences writing with ADHD.

Thank you, again, to all of you out there!

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