This is super exciting news. The Ottawa Public Library now carries Eileen’s Promise on its shelves!

A few months ago, I submitted a copy of my paperback to the Ottawa Public Library in the hopes of getting it carried by my local branch. I checked repeatedly on my eBook at the OPL (it has a wait list!), but basically forgot about the paperback copy.

Thanks ADHD!

But then, the other day, my wife was at the Rosemount branch looking around and she noticed a dark, thin book on the Fiction section shelves in the V’s.

Eileen's Promise book spine on display in library shelf
You might be small and hard to notice, but you’re a mighty book, Eileen!

She pulled it off the shelf and turned it over to see the cover. It was Eileen’s Promise! She took some pictures and sent me the great news. It was an incredible shock, to say the least.

Eileen's Promise Cover design seen on a book shelf at the Ottawa Public Library
This is so exciting! I see you, Eileen!

I am totally blown away by this.

Never, in a million years, would I have imagined a public library carrying Eileen’s Promise, ready to be read by anyone that might happen to pass by. Could this be a kid’s first taste of science fiction? Or maybe someone’s new favorite book?

Who knows?

All I know is that I’m so happy to see this happen. I can’t wait for people to pick it up, joining Salvor and Merv to see if they can keep the promise and save the people. If you know anyone that would like to read the novella, here is the link to Eileen’s Promise at the OPL.

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