Let's talk about ADHD and Spring Time

It’s starting to get nice out again, so I thought “Let’s Talk writing, ADHD and spring time.”

Nicer weather, anything above 5C for me, brings the urge to be outside. And being outside in spring brings all kinds of great things to hyper focus on! A winter’s worth of fallen branches, leaves, pinecones and other debris makes for a few days of cleaning, raking and bagging things for the compost.

Then there’s putting away the snow shovels and sleds, making way for summer tools like rakes, spades and brooms. The outdoor furniture comes out, taking time to clean and set up, making sure nothing broke while in storage.

The little picket fence I put out every year makes an appearance. I clean it and add screws to where the factory staples loosened. This leads to me cutting the lawn. Then, it’s only fair plant a few flowers in the garden along with a generous amount of wild flower seeds for the local pollinators. The list grows as I find more and more things to do!

Let’s Talk ADHD and Spring Time

All this leads to a few weeks of intense hyper focus. Which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. It’s outside in the fresh air, and I get a lot of exercise. But it does mean that I tend to put off or forget things I should be doing.

Like writing newsletters.

Or blog posts.

Or books!


By the time I’m done all the spring chores for the day, I’m wiped out and don’t have the energy to write. And we haven’t even started interior spring cleaning!

Am I Upset?

Am I upset about all this?

Not really! I mean, yeah, I forgot to send my wonderful readers a newsletter last month. And I almost didn’t get one out this month. I have a lot of edits to my next novella to review that I should really get around to.

But because I did all this work, I now have a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy. A place where I can sit and write for hours under patio umbrellas, enjoying the sounds of nature (and the city). It’s a place to recharge and explore new and exciting story ideas!

Get Out And Enjoy!

So, whether you’re in the country, city or somewhere in between, I hope you all get out and enjoy the warmer weather. Look for the little things that this time of year brings, from the birds singing in the trees to the sun setting later at night, and get the cobwebs of a long winter out of your system.

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