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Eileen’s Promise

 Matthew Villeneuve: Matthew Villeneuve  Publisher: Self-published  Published: 20/07/2022  Language: English  Tags: Eileen's PromiseNew_NovellaScience Fiction |  Get It Here

Salvor Gupta, a freelance space salvager, feels like he’s finally going to have a good day. 

With the help of his ever-present, but somewhat annoying, AI navigational implant named Merv, Salvor has filled his ship’s cargo hold with salvage worth tens of thousands of credits from a job out in the deep dark. Returning to Homestead, a giant orbiting ship around Saturn’s moon Titan, he quickly learns that he’s not in for a good day after all, and that information, long thought to be corrupted deep within his AI’s memory banks holds a promise of salvation, if he can keep ahead of whoever wants to see him dead and make sure that promise is never kept…

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